Why People Love Athleisure

Why People Love Athleisure

Athleisure clothing is more popular than ever before. From celebrities to parents to teenagers, everyone is getting in on the trend. Sales of athleisure apparel have exploded and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Before we get into why Athleisure fashion is so popular, let us first look at what Athleisure even is.

What is Athleisure anyway?

Athleisure is clothing that is suited for exercise, or at least appears to be suited for exercise in some cases, that is worn as casual clothing. Think about the typical outfit you would see at the gym, for instance. Athleisure joggers, shorts, athletic fit shirts, and running/jogging shoes have largely replaced many staples of casual fashion such as jeans, sneakers, and polo style shirts. There are many reasons for this so let’s take a look at why athleisure fashion is here to stay.

The Clothes are Comfortable

When you are working out, you need to be comfortable. So athletic clothing has always been designed with this in mind.  But with more people caring more and more about comfort, the logical next step is for everyone to wear athletic clothing, which then becomes athleisure, everywhere. If leggings and joggers are the most comfortable clothing, why wear anything else while you’re not working out? Outside of events with formal dress codes, there are rarely any situations where athleisure doesn’t meet the dress code. You can wear it to the store, to run errands, to school, and in some cases even to work!

The Apparel is Easy to Workout in

If you’re into fitness, you will naturally care about what you put into your body, exercise, and what clothes go onto your body. I’ve yet to see anyone show up to a gym in a three piece suit, and for good reason. When working out, you will want clothing that is easy to move in, made of breathable material and isn’t loose or baggy. Athleisure checks all of these boxes. While before the athleisure trend, people would change into athletic clothing, now that clothing is worn everywhere. Which leads to the next point.

Athleisure Apparel Signals to Others You Care About Your Fitness

While people don’t care about others' opinions enough to dress formally daily like people did in the 50’s, people do still care about what others think of them. This is another factor for why people love athleisure: it signals to others that you care about your fitness and that you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. That is the first impression people will have if you look like you’re about to hit the gym at any moment. More than anything, the active lifestyle is driving the sales of athleisure clothing.

It is Trendy

There are some people who thought the athleisure trend was overdone, that at any minute something new would come along and overtake the trend. Well, the newest trend in women’s fashion is biker shorts, which are just athleisure shorts made from the same materials as leggings. So not only is athleisure fashion still trendy in general, athleisure is still having new styles crop up that are exploding in popularity even now.

Here to Stay

At some point, athleisure goes from a temporary trend to just normal attire in casual settings. I think we have reached this threshold. People will continue to demand athleisure clothing as long as it remains the most comfortable option available.

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