About us

Dearest valued customers,

My name is Shariif. I was born in Somalia, and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. I grew up in a large family consisting of four sisters and three brothers. Our family migrated to Kenya in the early 90’s. After few years of living in Kenya, we moved to the US; in order to better our lives. Although, I did not spoke much English, I was determined to educate myself and work hard.

After I graduated from high school, I developed tremendous love for art and branding. In 2013, I started a freelance apparel design that showed my talent and creativity throughout the PNW community. Using my background in apparel design and branding, I launched Marco Fitt in November of 2017. Marco Fitt is an anagram phrase that's formed by rearranging the letters of words. Not just any words but words that motivated me and constantly reminded me to keep pushing forward. Wise person once told me; the key to success is Consistency.

My consistency and dedication, enabled me to build Marco Fitt from the ground up. The vision for the brand is to reach both the local and national markets. The goal of Marco Fitt is to stay genuine and to give back to the community that supported the vision. Marco Fitt promotes positivity and empowers the people who wear it. I believe it is never too late to follow your dreams. I encourage everyone to keep dreaming and keep achieving. This is my dream and you are in it. Thank you all for your tremendous support. 


Marco Fitt, CEO